Why won’t Pacman submit to Olympic style testing?


Pacquiao/Cotto Photo Op

Creative Commons License photo credit: Astig!!

Enter Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is insisting that anyone he fights submits, as he will, to Olympic-style random blood and urine testing right up until they walk into the ring. Both he and Shane Mosley, for their May 1st fight in Las Vegas, will be the first boxers ever to agree to such scrutiny. Mayweather hopes all of boxing and all professional sports follows his lead.

For better or for worse there are no unions in boxing. This time it’s for the better. You want to fight the champ for big money? Be clean. Manny Pacquiao refused Mayweather’s request for blood testing and turned down one of the most lucrative and anticipated bouts in recent boxing history. You’ve got to wonder why? “Obviously he has something to hide,” Mayweather told me. I think it really is that obvious.

via Dave Hollander: There Will Be Blood.

I agree with Floyd. I agree with Shane Mosley. Olympic athletes, including boxers and wrestlers, and the IOC agrees: taking blood is not as treacherous as Pacquiao claims. Pacman wants time to do what he want to his body without testing, period. More should be made of this every time Pacquiao is on TV.