Ben Quayle: from babysitter to milquetoast tough guy


Last week, Ben Quayle son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, was a great babysitter. Now, he alleges that something called tax cartels are in Washington, and he is going to “knock the hell” out of the whole darn city. (video courtesy Hullabaloo)

Quayle also let’s us know he was “raised right”. Unless you are Mr. T or The Juggernaut, claiming you will “knock the hell” out of an entire city falls into category of “Don’t write checks your ass can’t cash”.

Funny thing about claiming you were “raised right” while running for office in the self proclaimed party of “family values” one of your hobbies probably shouldn’t have been blogging under the pseudonym “Brock Landers” for “frat-tire”/NSFW site Dirty Scottsdale. Apparently The Dirty founder Hooman Karamian aka Nik Richie is pissed off that Quayle tried to deny any connection to him or The Dirty.