Olbermann’s departure


PM Carpenter tired of the stagecraft of Olbermann’s special comments, but will miss him nonetheless:

Still, I’ll miss Olbermann, particularly his humor. I may not light candles and wear only black and grieve lo these long winter nights, but to those who do, be it unquestionably known: he’ll be back, somewhere, just as soon as he gains his contractual freedom.

via p m carpenter’s commentary: ‘Countdown’ and Olbermann: A Special Comment.

Olbermann is a builder. From “the big show” to viable prime time TV for liberals on MSNBC, he created strong media product that will extend beyond his tenure (see: Rachel Maddow Show and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell). Olbermann used personal anecdotes from his father’s dying days to raise money for the National Association of Free Clinics that sponsored free health clinics around the country. It couldn’t have been easy, it seemed pretty tough. Being able to move millions for an effective charity while you lost two parents in a year has got to be tough. Which leads me to John Cole’s posting on Olbermann:

In basically the last year, he lost his mom and his dad, and he really didn’t even take a break. He’s been doing this for eight years straight, and that kind of thing, in the poisonous work atmosphere that existed with his bosses, it just takes a toll on you. I’d wager that in the end, he just had enough and they agreed to part ways.

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