Pass on “Friend of Keith”


I am not a “Friend of Keith” just like i was not “with CoCo”. I am a fan of their work, but they don’t need me to stand in passive asynchronous social media solidarity with them.

Like Conan, Olbermann’s rich, male, Ivy league educated, white and famous. As far as I know he has his health. He has been a wildly successful broadcaster for sports and news for over 20 years. Even if some Philly street tuffs collared KO and threatened to Comcastrate him if he didn’t leave MSNBC, which didn’t happen, he’ll be ok, and the MSNBC evening lineup is still more than sufficiently liberal as Olbermann’s understudies have been able to launch successful shows.

Like Conan’s ouster from NBC’s Tonight Show we should take the ousted at their word: they’ll be ok and in the end it’s not that big of a deal. Other folks need friends a lot more.