Huntsman Ad: I am a sitcom dad or something


A very important social rule: a person can’t give themselves a nickname. Why? The people who want to call them by a nickname don’t really care about what they may prefer to be called, they just got tired of calling them dude, sport, homie or jerk-face. People that actually want to call them by their name will be annoyed that they are trying so damn hard to be so damn chummy.

That’s exactly what Huntsman’s Campaign Ad is attempting. Their media folk are trying to force us to see Huntsman as some kind of Republican Mr. Huxtable (swapping black for white, track for motocross and hoagies with potato chips for pancakes and omelets). The results are pretty much counter productive.

And the Huntsman motocross ad was stupid too. Learned nothing about the Huntsman as an executive except that he can ride the vehicle most approved for use in movie apocalypses.