“I take summer off ’cause I love winter beef”


Harold Ford said a thing that was mostly correct on Morning Joe today: Democrats get hammered every summer.

We liberals are just going to have cold summers. The Luntz talking point parade starts every spring and rolls into August. By the time football pre-season is here, Dems feel like the sky is falling. Obama is a celebrity. Health Care is death panels and government takeover. We don’t need revenues.

We (professional left, rank and file Democrats and MSNBC watchers) just have to get used to it and make spring to summer local politics/liberal activist season. Every year. Do summer like Wisconsin.

With that, I think everyone who has been complaining all week may want to check his speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan today. He’s back on it.

Pundits: “He should call Congress back to Washington”

Two term Governor John Corzine and Senator Harold Ford wanted Obama to call congress back in session. As if he would look strong if he said “get back here” and then Boehner and McConnell just ignore him.

Obama is past that. As he crosses the nation, bet you he will be focusing on jobs. Jobs. jobs.

“You voted for a divided government, not a do nothing government”

In his speech he said elected officials need to get out of Washington and go listen to voters and come back and get ready to pass some jobs bills. Obama is using the people as the lever against the GOP: look petty or come to Washington and get things done..

“These are things I already proposed”

Obama is about to go on a jobs bus tour and tout his jobs initiative while the GOP is weak in the polls after the debt deal nonsense. The fall is coming.