Wisconsin Democrats coming up big in recall election


Even without taking the state Senate, Wisconsin was huge. If all Democrats hold against recall, that means the GOP has lost ground in two deep red districts and gained nothing from chopping out bargaining rights against public union members. The districts the 2 Dems won were long time GOP strongholds and not representative of WI at large. Those people who say this bodes poorly for Dems are wrong. These Dems won districts in this labor driven recall 2011 that they lost in 2008. Think I’m wrong? Look how Scott Walker who was my way or the high way prior to the recall is now trying to “reach out” to Dems and using conciliatory language. Walker knows a few things:

  • WI labor is organized and bolstered by people who will never vote for him again
  • Republicans lost ground in two red districts
  • Labor will try recall to recall him in 2012 and he loses without those districts he won in 2010
Basically, Walker knows he is in trouble.