Shorter Sully: the guy who smeared Shirley Sherrod is delightful!



Sullivan is a great blogger, who attempts to have actual discussions regarding his conservative opinions, (e.g. his realizing that successful is not the same as wealthy or correctly valuing Obama’s pragmatism that is lost to many liberals), but this type of “he ain’t that bad” shit about Andrew Breitbart is too annoying. It’s like when Bill Maher would swear Coulter is really awesome when no one is looking, except worse than that.

Shirley Sherrod really lost her job, and Breitbart was intent on declaring her a vile white people hating racists. As far as I am concerned, Breitbart can kick rocks. If Sully is ok with that, then fine, but someone who can be so horrible publicly but is delightful privately shouldn’t really be trusted.