NCAA to investigate PSU for “Lack of institutional control” in the wake of damning Grand Jury Report


Institutional Control is a punishable offense in the NCAA. Basically it’s when the people in charge of an athletic program and their bosses don’t follow the administrative and ethical standards that the member institutions, conferences, associations and jurisdictions have in place to govern college athletics.

The University of Miami, which many derisively refer to as “Thug U”, was under threat of a program killing slate of sanctions better known as the “death penalty” due to players being consistently available to corrupt boosters as related to the NCAA by Ponzi scheme crook Nevin Shapiro. The last time the “death penalty” it was against SMU in the 1980’s due to years of boosters lavishing players with money and gifts for top performances and agreeing to attend SMU.

Some say that the NCAA shouldn’t punish the kids that play at PSU now due to actions of coaches and administrators in the past. That’s probably not an option if violations are found. That’s exactly what the NCAA does. Sanctions against Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush affect USC football today. Sanctions against Jim Tressel affect Ohio State today. Sanctions from booster actions during Randy Shannon’s and Larry Coker’s tenures affect the University of Miami program today. Emmert’s deadline is hard and fast as PSU’s response to the NCAA is due on December 16th.