MS Office for iPad: If it is less it will be more to me


Best thing about the app driven mobile revolution (starting with Apple’s iPod) is that it made computing so much simpler for the average user. Microsoft seemed to get that (much better than Google did and later) with their simple, take it as you see it metro interface for Windows mobile. (Frankly, I like the Metro graphical user interface a bit better than the iOS interface and loads better than the android graphical user interface.)

The thing I don’t like about office products: the menus. I don’t need to mail merge, no one I know uses it on a regular basis and yet…the menus went from being cluttered toolbars with small icons to cluttered tabbed toolbars with even more icons. Its confusing to see, I consistently forget where certain buttons functions are. I hate using Outlook 2010. I don’t need that many options 99.9999%, most outlook users don’t need that many options 99.9999% of the time so they shouldn’t be in front of my face 100% of the time. I hope they’ve learned that prior to releasing Office for iPad or they are pretty much wasting their time.