A.I. is broke


Allen Iverson is broke:

The man who is the best small scorer in the history of the NBA, who lit up Philadelphia nights with his pyrotechnic play, is said to have worked his way through the better part of – big inhale here – $150 million.

via Bill Lyon: Iverson on the rocks – Philly.com.

Note: Philly.com is one of the worst websites I ever have had to go to get news. I’m sorry I had to link to Lyon’s perfectly fine article amidst the junk they have built to host their news content online. Absolutely miserable. I wish someone there would figure this out, but visiting that site is like going to read ads amidst a little bit of news article.

Reading the Inquirer, Daily News through Philly.com is like reading the paper being displayed through a dirty window in a bad neighborhood while someone blasts a song you hate while someone who is trying to sell knockoff brand names bags to your girlfriend gets uncomfortably insistent.