Super Tuesday: “Baby, I got a plan. runaway fast as you can”


Shouldn’t Kanye West’s Runaway be the Republican primary theme song?

“I heard a lot [from my constituents] because it was in the news this weekend,” Murkowski told TPM Tuesday afternoon after attending a weekly GOP policy lunch. “I will tell you, it’s not so much just the discussion about contraception that the Blunt amendment precipitated. There’s just an awful lot that’s been going on. There have been some comments made by some of our presidential candidates. There was the incendiary comments made by Rush Limbaugh.”


Murkowski, a high-ranked senator and former leadership member herself, worries that the sequence of events since GOP leaders twisted arms for Thursday’s losing vote has left her party on the wrong side of the issue, and that the public is taking note.

Murkowski: GOP Has Spun Out Of Control On Contraception | TPMDC.

Yes, they are. More and More every day.