Beastie Boys inducted into Rock and Roll HOF tonight on HBO. Should be in your ear all weekend


MCA is dead. Goats have not been paid. And I didn’t hear nearly enough Beastie Boys when I was out last night. I can only even begin to help remedy one of these things. The Beastie Boys are legends of hip-hops. Giants of the B Boy generation who kept turning out landmarks for hip-hop and pop culture throughout their careers. Every radio station, every DJ, every house party should be bumping their sh*t this week. Period. If you go somewhere and you don’t hear it, make a big deal about it.

“(You Gotta fight) For Your Right to Party”

“Fight For Your Right”/Interview on the Joan Rivers Shows/”Time To Get Ill”

“Right Right Now Now”/”Shazam” w/Doug E Fresh and interview on Late Night with Conan O’Brien


MCA discusses his Documentary about basketball and the Rucker “Gunnin’ for that 2008 #1 spot” (Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, Brandon Jennings among others in this video):

Beastie Boys Perform Shadrach on Soul Train.

Fab-5 Freddy with the Beastie Boys on Yo! MTV Raps Introducing Shadrach and Paul’s Boutique

And some tributes:

Q-Tip, Diddy and Fabolous tribute the Beasties at the 2006 VH1 hip-hop honors Before the Beastie Boys come out and represent:

Jay-Z subs in for Beastie Boys at All Points West when they had to