NBC is never “Forever” or even for a little bit


“Best Friends Forever” was put on hiatus (aka cancelled) and I’m kind of disappointed in this decision but not surprised by NBC’s impatience. NBC has to decide if they want to invest in growing off beat, mid season or summer replacement comedies (Seinfeld, The Office) anymore. If the answer is “yes”, then the answer to the following questions should be no:

  • should we schedule this opposite “American Idol” or some other top rated show?
  • should we put this show on hiatus and air the remaining filmed episodes months from now?
  • should we judge this against established sitcoms on other networks?
  • should we give this show less episodes than”Are you there Chelsea”?

I thought it was a good show that wasn’t given a real chance. If NBC finds it can’t re-learn to grow success (go watch season 1 of Seinfeld or the first Parks and Rec episodes) then it should just become a Law & Order, reality/contest show, sports broadcasting network and call it a wrap for most of the other evenings in the week except for SNL and the nightly news. They can still produce these shows for other networks or just push them to one of NBC Universal’s tier one channels.