Euro 2012, racism and denial


Europe special brand of sports hooliganism fueled by racism and nationalism is alive and well during Euro 2012.

Russians vs. Polish with the “This is Russia” Banner proclaiming Poland theirs: Russian Hooliganism Looms Over Soccer Tournament:

Soccer officials are also investigating whether Russian fans directed racist remarks at a black player on the Czech team and have threatened further disciplinary measures after violent clashes between Polish and Russian fans that caused property damage and several injuries hours before their teams met on the field Tuesday.

Racist chanting at Dutch Players:

“As at one moment there was a lot of noise coming from a specific stand, the team decided to train at the other side of the stadium, which was much quieter.

“A few players have heard sounds, which could be described as possible monkey chants. However, the training staff on the pitch were not aware of this.”

While Van Bommel complained specifically of racist abuse, the Dutch FA had earlier said this was mixed with anti-Euro 2012 chanting believed to have been prompted by the fact the city has not been given any matches in the tournament.

When this was put to Van Bommel on Thursday, he said: “Open your ears. If you did hear it and don’t want to hear it, that is even worse.”

Croatia supporting soccer hooligans shouted racist chants at black Italy player Mario Balotelli:

European soccer’s governing body has already sanctioned the Russian FA for the displaying of “illicit banners” by their fans at the tournament, but the Croatians are the first to face disciplinary proceedings for racist chants and displaying racist symbols.

So this is the level of the Racist and Nationalist animosity, but here is what UEFA plans to do those for those who are targets of racist chants:

But Platini said: “It’s a yellow card. It’s not a player – Mr Balotelli – who’s in charge of refereeing.”

Platini insists officials will deal with any racist incidents that occur during the tournament, which begins on Friday.

“It’s the referee who takes these decisions. Referees can finish the game. They have this power in case of racism,” Platini told the BBC sports editor David Bond.

Penalize the black players being called monkeys if they decide it’s fucking bullshit. In addition:

Platini dismissed suggestions his reputation would be tarnished if there is racial abuse at Euro 2012.

“Are you joking? You think I am responsible for the racists in the rest of Europe or in England or in France?” he said.

[UEFA President Michel] Platini said Uefa had done a lot to tackle racisim, backing such initiatives as ‘Never Again’, but said he was “not responsible for society”.

He added: “Society is not so easy. You have some problems and we have to organise these Euros from the beginning with some problems because these two countries never welcome so big an event in the past.

“That is, I think, the best way to protect the game against racism.

No one is staking Platini’s reputation on addressing racism in general society. People are staking it on Platini’s ability to keep fans who are people of color and varying nationalities safe from racist abuse and physical harm during Euro 2012 events. He wants to make it an insurmountable problem because Platini is fine doing what he has already done already.

There are no race riots at NFL games or section wide racist banners being unfurled in football stadiums in America.