[Correction] Sources: MSNBC screwing up not “Mitt Romney amazed by touch screen sandwich ordering kiosks”


The real truth, Mitt Romney lied about how hard it was to file a change of Address form vs. Order a sandwich. MSNBC totally did a hatchet job on Romney’s anecdote:

Discussing how the public sector suffers from a lack of competition, Romney told the audience about an optometrist who wanted to change his address and subsequently received 33 pages of paperwork from the federal government, which begat a months-long bureaucratic nightmare during which the optometrist in question wasn’t receiving his checks. “That’s how government works,” Romney said.

Then, to illustrate the advantages of competition in the private sector, Romney shared an anecdote from his visit to the local WaWa chain store. “I was at WaWas, I went in to order a sandwich. You press a little touchtone keypad — you touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier — there’s your sandwich. It’s amazing. People in the private sector have learned how to compete. It’s time to bring some competition to the federal government.”

MSNBC needs to stop letting daytime TV become a wild west of their broadcast day. They have made me look stupid by putting out stupid as truth. Andrea Mithcell is going to set this straight…I hope.

Mitt Romney was floored by WaWa’s Sandwich order kiosks:


WaWa is amazing, so is this rant above. not because he’s rigid, but because instead of talking about how good the food was he’s talking about great the touch screen ordering system was. It’s the same one they have at Subway’s in gas stations, Sheetz Gas Stations and other places. Some shops have selector menus like this online for pickup and more and more are making apps. If you ever had to go order your own damn sandwiches say anything more than five times, you’ve seen these “touch tone” (touch screen actually Mr. Romney) ordering kiosks before. (And don’t listen to any commentator that slips into some it’s his Mormon dedication type stuff. Mormon’s aren’t stiff robots. That’s xenophobic stereotyping garbage.)

He’s just a person who’s in some kind of shield of affluence and a lack of empathy. Not “you need a hug” sympathy, but empathy. Some other times of empathy deficits: