Somebody told me…


Mitt Romney is a liar and is running a liar’s campaign. Not some of the time lies, all of the time lies. Blatant lies. White lies. Lies of omission, magnitude, self delusion. So many lies, the MSM is just saying: this is what he does and then just basically letting them be retold everywhere without challenging any of them.

And then you’ve got Harry Reid fucking with their core business model–that anonymous sources are especially reliable.

source: Eschaton: Liars!.

I hear Joe Scarborough and his brunch bunch either say or agree with an anonymously sourced statement like this quite often. Remember Game Change?

For Game Change, authors John Heilemann and Mark Halperin followed a now-familiar technique. They interviewed more than 200 people involved in the 2008 campaign on “deep background,” meaning — as they put — “we agreed not to identify the subjects as sources in any way.”

Instead, the authors weaved information, anecdotes, and quotes from these talks into a narrative designed to read like a novel. It’s an approach Woodward has perfected over the years. It’s also a reason these revelations tend to appear in books rather than newspapers and magazines, which generally have stricter sourcing rules.

source: Obama, Reid, and the (latest) Washington book frenzy.

Joe Privately talked to 7 Dems in 2010

Joe Privately talked to Dems in 2011:

This happens on Morning Joe and cable news all the time. It’s the same thing Harry Reid is doing: quoting an anonymous source, who may or may not exist, on some animus that may or may not become a problem. Then there is a demand that someone in the Obama White House has to do something, anything to deal with the concerns of a phalanx of “anonymous” Democrats who talk to Scarborough all the time when cameras are off.

Reid is just hammering the box that Romney put himself in with the same bat the main stream media uses all the time. Harry Reid has got them all screwed up because when they turn and use the same exact device to spread rumors, they are doing just what Reid did. When they run around crying around anonymous sources and yet they don’t give Bob Woodward “4 Pinocchios ” for his heavily anonymously sourced books they expose themselves as bouncers on a velvet rope. You’re either on their list or your not. Nothing to do with what kind of reporting is actually done and what kind of supporting facts are presented with your reporting.