Setting yourself up to be kneecapped


It’s rich to see these guys complain about their parties M.O. now that Republican scorched earth tactics have been turned on them:

Senate President Steve Morris (R-Hugoton), who lost his own seat to state Rep. Larry Powell in the primary, confirmed that internal polls showed moderate Republicans in the lead until roughly three weeks ago when a series of conservative groups launched radio and television attack ads on moderates, tying them to President Barack Obama and claiming they supported Obamacare. Seventeen out of 22 moderate Republican Senate candidates were defeated Tuesday, a culmination of a bitter GOP war that has engulfed the state since 2011.

“They tried to tie our folks to President Obama even though we had nothing to do with him,” Morris told HuffPost. “They said we all supported Obamacare and that’s not true. It’s effective. The campaigns we did were positive and informational. The campaigns against us were very nasty. Evidently negative campaigning must work.”

source: Steve Morris, Kansas Senate President, Blames Moderates’ Defeat On Conservative Attack Ads

These so called “moderates” don’t understand, the Koch Brothers, Adelson and others want their people in office, not their party in office. In supporting the Tea Baggers they helped to forge the knives driven into their back by those in the farthest right wing of their party.