Andrew Sullivan is the 47%


Andrew Sullivan is shrill as he breaks down the difference between “guns and religion” and “the 47%”.

He did not say: “I’ll never convince them they should vote for me.” He accused 47 percent of Americans of choosing not to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” He’s describing half the country as parasites, bleeding the productive half dry.Half the country. He includes me, an Obama supporter, who pays three times the tax on my income that Romney does, who immigrated at 21, whose parents never went to college, and whose blog now employs five people.

You know what, Mitt? Fuck you.

source: Dissent Of The Day – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast.

Mitt Romney is who we thought he was. I hope Sullivan really understands. Everyone I know who doesn’t like Romney’s politics didn’t resent him for his wealth or success. There are a lot of college educated liberals who pay income tax and are wealthy. We resented him for framing financial success as the thing most important about our country’s promise.

The American Dream is much simpler than that. Freedom is not being the richest. It’s dignity and autonomy that was earned by some people who would never see real dignity or autonomy for themselves. Our self government is key to that. It guarantees that. What we used to feel was that upward mobility was a characteristic of that. Work hard, things stay good and possibly get better. Romney doesn’t see us that way. Anyone that votes for Barack Obama is a lazy lifetime loser.