Android used to have over the air updates. Used to.


I know this is old old news. But I am venting. My G2 is a dud. Great phone, I like the hardware enough, but the deployment of this platform is stupid. (Btw Microsoft did the same to their windows 7 phone users).

Though I am a programmer, I don’t have the time nor patience to rom this phone to get ics, an android os that is so sparely used compared to iphone that I don’t know if its really good. I did that with my unlocked Sony w810 walkman phone for some kind of software issues when a walkman phone was as smart as you got.

I don’t want to have to do that for my full touch screen android. I’ve got a bit longer putting up with this b.s. then I’m out. My g1 had over the air updates, the fact that I can’t just connect to wifi and update this phone myself is awful. I use chrome. Its google’s browser. Its on my iPad 1g and iPod touch. Its not on my Android phone. Neither is the latest OS. So basically, I was being sold into a stone age the minute I bought the phone. I guess the won’t miss me. Gonna jump to an iPhone and I may try virgin mobile or something else, but enough of this garbage.