ISAF head Gen. John Allen under investigation in relation to Petraeus/Broadwell affair scandal, Jill Kelley Hires top notch defense lawyer(?)


First, Paula Broadwell’s home was being voluntarily being searched by FBI officials. Also it comes out, James Clapper told Petraeus to pack it up even though Petraeus wanted to stick out the scandal.

Gen. John Allen, Commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan is under investigation in relation to Petraeus/Broadwell affair scandal:

A senior defense official told reporters Tuesday that it was alleged there had been “inappropriate communications” between Allen and Jill Kelley.

He also said the general “disputes that he has engaged in any wrongdoing in this matter.” The official said the investigation involved some 20,000 to 30,000 pages, mostly of emails, which were sent from 2010 to 2012.

Kelley complained to the FBI about receiving anonymous threatening emails and, during their investigation, agents discovered emails between Petraeus and his biographer Paula Broadwell that were indicative of an extramarital affair between them, according to government and law enforcement officials.

Def. Secretary Panetta has said that Gen. Allen’s nominations to be the next commander of US European Command and commander of NATO in Europe are currently on hold pending results of this inquiry.

“The secretary has asked both Senators Levin and McCain that the confirmation hearing on General Allen’s pending nomination to be Commander of the United State European Command and Supreme Allied Commander, Europe be delayed,” the statement said.
“The President has nominated General Joseph Dunford, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, to succeed General Allen at ISAF,” it added. “The secretary has respectfully requested that the Senate act promptly on that nomination.”

In addition, Jill Kelley, who may have had 30K messages between Gen Allen, has lawyered up (props to The Empty Wheel):

Second, as I noted early yesterday morning, Jill Kelley has hired some of the most astoundingly powerful criminal defense and PR help imaginable:

They hired Abbe Lowell, a Washington lawyer who has represented clients such as former presidential candidate John Edwards and lobbyist Jack Abramoff. And the couple are employing crisis PR person Judy Smith, who has represented big names like Monica Lewinsky, Michael Vick and Kobe Bryant.

In addition, some folks are intimating that the White House buried this, but in reality it’s well known that Petraeus is a Republican and may have had further political goals beyond military and intelligence endeavors, had a tight inner circle that attempted to protect him from scrutiny of sorts. Also, Majority Leader Eric Cantor knew two weeks before the White House did and presumably sat on the information.

The current problem is that Petraeus and Lt. Col Broadwell engaged in this illicit affair, she became part of his inner circle as a journalist (even though she was not experienced as a journalist) and enjoyed access beyond what you would expect for a General in Petraeus’ position. Not sure what this could mean for Gen. Allen. as he is still active in the military, whereas Petraeus was serving in a civilian capacity. In general, this shakeup may end any attempt to retard any withdrawal from Afghanistan and may quicken reduction of military support.

Between McChrystal, Petraeus and now Allen, it seems that the leadership in Afghanistan had long become privately reckless and had serious lapses in professionalism.