Not Griffin, Not Luck, but Russell Wilson


Cold Hard Football Facts asks “where’s the hype?” and I have to agree. Any barbershop talk I’ve been involved in is about Griffin and RGIII but not Russell Wilson, here is their case:

The biggest story in football is that a charismatic but under-sized 5-foot, 11-inch, 205-pound, third-round draft pick who makes chump change by NFL standards (about $750,000 this year) is in the midst of perhaps the greatest streak of rookie performances in NFL history.

That player is Russell Wilson, and he’s the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

If you watch ESPN, you may not be familiar with Wilson and the Seahawks.

But he was deadly efficient (again) in Sunday’s win over the Jets. He completed 12 of 19 passes for 188 yards, 9.9YPA, 2 TD, 0 INT and a 131.0 passer rating.

That’s a winning performance in any era. And since 2010 players with a passer rating of 130.0 or better are 78-2.

Wilson now owns three of the four highest-rated performances by a rookie QB this season and four of the top six – and he did it Sunday against one of the best pass defenses in football.

The Jets headed to Seattle No. 5 in Defensive Passer Rating (76.5).

But Wilson’s effort – superior to Luck’s performance Thursday and against a better defense – was greeted largely by a national chorus of crickets Monday morning.

So far, I have to agree, Wilson was a fantastic college QB with a kind of weird pathway to NFL and is shorter than many would like, but efficiency is the key, especially when you have a solid defense and running game like Seattle does.