Heckling is low hanging fruit of activism


What was Sturtz’ step 2? To yell some more angrily at an HRC event?

When your conversation goes something like this:

  • Code Pink: This is an injustice
  • GetEqual: I know. real bullshit
  • Code Pink: what do you want to do about it
  • GetEqual: go to fundraiser of a political ally, heckle them so they know I wish someone they are related to would do what i want right now
  • Code Pink: great plan, here’s the cash for the fundraiser. Happy Heckling

Your not looking to get anything but noticed. It’s a one off.

Everyone knows Sturtz’s behavior, less know her issue, less know how they can help achieve equality in federal contracting for LGBT sub contractors. Heckling can be used as activism, but it’s low on education, low on communication of some theme (her words are reported rather than heard) and low on persuasion. Not everyone is angry to the point of boorishness. Especially when yelling at one of the most popular public quasi-political figures, the First Lady Michelle Obama at a fundraiser where people paid cold hard cash to go to a lesbian couple’s house to hear Michelle Obama speak. Sturtz was surprised that Obama made people choose between FLOTUS and One of many hecklers of the United States and basically they told her to GTFO. Especially when this was hosted by lesbian partners at their home.

Then she goes into the whole “she put her big hands in my face” code language which is race baiting in it’s reductive of Michelle Obama’s humanity.

What are your direct demands, your next measures? What was supposed to happen after everyone knows you’re upset about something having to do with LGBT rights and you getting old.

Take a note from Sandra Fluke vs. sluth shaming Limbaugh or Dan Choi vs DADT or Occupy Wall Street in Oakland, Portland, and Washington State on behalf of longshoremen unions. Do not take notes from Code Pink and Occupy Wall Street almost everywhere else. Protest needs to occur with focused purpose and a progression of action to achieve justice, not a flailing reaction to injustice. Especially when trying to recruit allies or push current allies to action, yelling at them like they are imbeciles is not it.

In the end, most hecklers are all about letting people know they can’t stand it anymore, not what they actually stand for. That’s fine, but it doesn’t do us much good.