NSA only eavesdrops on “terrorists”


I am pretty sure if you commit a domestic crime but any related deposits go through a foreign Automated Clearing House or routing number that crime qualifies for what’s being called “eavesdropping” aka “search and seizure” of information under the Patriot Act. Basically commit a crime, deposit it in a bank, you are being hunted like an international terrorist.

there’s an inordinate amount of data being collected by our government. It’s too data much for our government to process and the burden of proof to be this invasive is obviously not met. There is a larger and larger mode created by these laws (Patriot Act, Stop and Frisk , War Powers Act, DNA swabs for any kind of arrest, Approvals for military action in lieu of declarations of war) that congress should be closing as a result of laws like the Patriot Act that allow executive prerogative to take the place of legislative and judicial process.

This is always a creeping extension of federal power. It’s been going on for decades and it makes us less Democratic.