MSNBC’s O’Donnell embarrasses himself & has-been Anthony Weiner

They used to be such good friends!

They used to be such good friends!

Let me tell you this joke about “The Last Word” on MSNBC: A Boston guy asks a New York Guy “what’s wrong with you?” no comedy ensues.
That’s how I would describe this if I could: a bad joke… I can’t call it an interview.
Lawrence O’Donnell had Anthony Weiner on his show, and both of them seemed awful. Weiner should have walked off and O’Donnell should have had one of the other still viable (polling in top 3) NYC Mayoral candidates on his show. See if you can sit through this garbage:

I don’t turn on a news show or political analysis show to see a grown man be berated over some personal ish. I sincerely hope that he’s not doing this to spur ratings. He has some solid insights on the workings of the Senate and what it takes to get bills passed and how the sausage gets made. Not sure if that’s too popular, but hope it’s more popular than this.