Voters to the polls not lobbyists & ads on the TV

"Pro Gun Control? You can have all the lobbyists money can buy" (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

“Pro Gun Control? You can have all the lobbyists money can buy” (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

Bloomberg is looking to sustain the battle for gun control:

Bloomberg’s gun control groups says they’re not backing off after this week’s drubbing in Colorado. They say they’re eyeing battles in five more states around the country.

I would suggest the way to taking his pro gun control program to a level where it will be successful is to mobilize voters. Liberal candidates are losing in midterms and recalls due to drop in turnout of their base. They are not losing because they don’t have lobbyists or money being thrown at them.

Bloomberg didn’t have that issue in “blue city” New York in “blue state” of New York. It is a big issue in the “purple” districts where the conservative faction of the electorate who vote every election may really believe “Obama’ll and [insert liberal candidate here] take your guns if they have their way”. In addition Fox & Friends is on in every waiting room and lobby and will say (in not so many words): Bloomberg is buying elections to help Obama take away your guns.