Give them Thanksgiving back

jerks fighting over stuff.

jerks fighting over stuff.

I think it’s generally sh*tty to have some weird compulsion that you HAVE to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day or 5 am Black Friday for cheap craps to give your kids on Christmas, but it’s even crappier to have to forgo a holiday to sell it to people who are worked into a frenzy for that crap. It’s supposed to be a day off. And for people that work in retail stores, it used to be their only guaranteed kick your feet up, family’s driving in, see the new family members faces kind of day until the New Year. Retailers are open extended hours from now through the New Year. That means leaving their kids early and not being there at night in time to say walk them from the school bus. When winter break starts, they will miss most of that time as well. They won’t have any real time to rest. I worked retail in college to get cheap clothes even cheaper so I’ve seen the nonsense up close. This is some major b.s. to not even give them the full thanksgiving day holiday, a national holiday, off. No one needs to shop at 5 AM. People stampeding into stores to buy stuff someone just has to have this year on the day people observe Jesus’ birthday is literally one of the more depressing things about our consumer culture.
The important thing to remember: it’s cheaper, but the cheap stuff is the worst made, worst constructed garbage version of what you actually want to have.

If I wanted anything every Christmas, it’s for American consumers to stop this embarrassing garbage and make this not make sense for retailers and give retailers Thanksgiving Day back.