How Dems were pushed to restrict the filibuster


Dems decided to restrict the filibuster because extremist judges they confirmed in the spirit of civility when George W. Bush was president ended up being the right wing extremists they said they would be restricting reproductive rights from the bench.

What digby said:

For a long time the Democrats bargained with women’s bodies to try to get votes from people who would never vote for them and it never worked. Some things you just can’t split the difference on and thats assuming the other side isn’t simply playing you for a fool. I’m ever so slightly optimistic that our leaders may have finally learned their lesson.

It’s time Democrats get to staffing the benches and the rest of President Obama’s government. This is so long overdue. The next year better be chock full of nominations and confirmations to remedy the record amount of filibusters of President Obama’s judicial and political nominees.